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An Introduction To My Journey...

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Hi everyone! :)

I thought my first blog post should be a little introduction to who I am and how I got here. I haven't written a blog since the MySpace days (or whatever the heck I was using back then), so bear with me!

So, my name is Bonnie-Marie and I am from London (also known as the cold and rainy town with constant grey skies).

I was one of those kids that could be entertained with a colouring book and colouring pencils for hours - so I guess you could say the passion for art started very early on.

Disney was also a huge passion of mine growing up, so you could probably guess what those two passions put together would create - yep. Lots and lots of disney character drawings. I also loved creating my own characters - two I can remember vividly were Killer Kitty (who hilarious had a cape and a six pack LOL) and Ballerina Kitty (who was actually kinda cute).

Growing up even more, I had passions for other types of movies and characters - enter the discovery of Spider-Man. I was OBSESSED. But then, who isn't obsessed with Spider-Man?! I was constantly drawing this amazingly designed character, watching the movies over and over, and even dreaming of actually having spidey powers. I drew him multiple times for my art homework (not doing the homework that was actually set but still got an A anyway hehe). I even painted him for my GSCE art exam... And I still draw him to this day - he's timeless!

Despite my love for art, I always thought of it as just a hobby - I never thought to pursue it as a career. Why? Well, I always hear that art is a particularly difficult industry to have a successful career in...and I guess I didn't believe I was good enough to try at that point.

So with that, I went in a completely different direction and got a degree in pharmacology at King's College London. After I graduated, I was applying for jobs (one of the most gruelling experiences of my life). To put it plainly, my heart just wasn't in it. Every time I read a job description, I just couldn't imagine myself there. Until I got a job promoting the health and welfare of dogs. And here is where another passion comes in - animals.

The thing I love drawing most is animals. I love how every animal is designed and created with so much individuality and beauty in their own unique way - the markings of a tiger, the emotion in an elephant's eyes, the strength in a lion's paw. I'm getting too poetic - moving on...

So that's a bit about my background and my gradual growth of passion for drawing! My next blog entry will be about when I realised that drawing was my dream and how I decided to pursue it...Stay tuned! :)

And remember - With great power...comes great responsibility 8-)


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